Sunday, September 8, 2013

Last Triathlon of the Season!

Well, my triathlon season has finally come to an end for 2013. Yesterday I completed the not so short Square Lake Short Course.  My half IM distance has been tabled for the time being, see previous post.

Shannon and I ready to rock the hills of Stillwater!

Swim:  18:42 (0.5 mile)
T1:  2:11
Bike:  56:53 (16.5 miles)
T2:  0:28
Run:  50:01 (5 miles)

TOTAL:  2:08:13

I have been very blessed this year with great weather for almost every race with lower temperatures and lower humidity.  A huge thank you goes out to the weather gods!

Swim:  Square Lake was amazing to swim in, super clear and clean. I was ON with my sighting today and could actually see the buoys, unlike at Pigman last month. The turn around into the sun made sighting more challenging, but the buoys were still visible.  Coming out of the water into transition was a bit tricky as there was a huge flight of wood stairs to climb-see picture below.  However, the climb went very smoothly and was easier than I imagined. 

The stair climb to the transition area. 

Bike:  THE BIKE WAS HILLY!  (That is all I have to say about that!). ;). Well except that I was happy with my 19 mph average considering all the climbing I did. 

Run:  The run course circled the lake.  However, I did not actually see the lake on the run except for at the finish line. The five mile loop consisted of some good climbs and a combo of paved and gravel roads. 

The best part of the whole race!

I wasn't out to kill the race, instead I stayed relaxed and took it all in. Square Lake was my 9th race of the triathlon season and I am now ready for a break from the multi-sport training. In September I also have a duathlon, so I will focus on biking and running to finish out 2013. Oh yeah, and get back into the crossfit box after taking two months off!!!

Mom and I post race!

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