Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hola From Mexico & Marathon Training Progress

Staring this week, I am entering week six of my marathon training plan. I am proud to say I am staying on track with my mileage and runs thus far!  Yesterday, I completed a 10-miler indoors on the treadmill, ish due to the cold and crappy running conditions outdoors. I felt pretty good, besides the fact that I developed a blister on my inside arch of my right foot by mile 6. I guess it's time to check in with my podiatrist for another orthotic adjustment!

In warmer news, I traveled to the Mexican Maya Riviera over the past weekend and pounded out a couple runs on the beach there.  The first morning, I went approximately 3 miles down the beach to a beautiful blue lagoon area. The second morning, I joined a fellow runner in our travel group, Ken, for a 6 mile run. The third and fourth mornings, I enjoyed basking in the sun and warmth, with a drink in hand. I only ended up two miles short during my crazy week of packing and traveling, which I thought was acceptable.

On Sunday morning, we took a trip into Playa Del Carmen and there was a color run that had just finished up there.  I looked for local races before leaving the states and couldn't find any.  Maybe next time!  Check out this video of the race:

 Here are some pictures to warm all my northern followers and myself up!  Enjoy!

Ready for a morning run!!

The Blue Lagoon

It is about 3 miles to the point from here, which we ran beyond the second morning.

Rest and Relaxation!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Must Have Winter Training Gear

After successfully completing my second week of marathon training (17 miles total), I decided to make a list of my must have/favorite winter running gear.

1.  Ice Trekkers Diamond Grip

The best grip on the snow and ice!  Slip them right over your running shoes. 

2.  Salomon Midlayer Swift Hoodie

I love this running top--so much that I own two!  For any day that is above zero, I wear only this hoodie with a base layer underneath and I am plenty warm.  The best part of all is the built in running gloves!  When my hands get warm/hot I can slide my hands out and not have to worry about carrying a pair of gloves with me. I also can't forget to mention the lovely hood with a pony tail hole. 

3.  Buff

A multifunctional face mask that comes in all kinds of fun colors and styles! The buff protects my neck and face from the wind. 

Yay for getting in a few outdoor runs this past week!