Monday, December 16, 2013

A Snowy Snowflake Shuffle

The Snowflake Shuffle 5K lived up to it's name yesterday!  The event started at 9:30 AM, with a temperature of 5 degrees F, and small snowflakes filling the air. I can imagine how cool all the festive, costumed runners would look from above.  *Think GIANT snow globe!*

At least the weather had improved from my last post, and there was no question as to whether the event would be held.  However, the course was not the fastest, as there was a fresh layer of snow on the ground causing difficulty with traction and footing.  I looked at the event as more of a casual run, and knew I wouldn't be setting any PRs today!  A relaxed run was just what was needed to take in the beautiful Minnesota morning and creative costumes.  My official time was 31:28. The 3rd place AG award was 28 minutes and some odd seconds. I guess others struggled a bit with running conditions also. 

Jen and I excited to finally RUN in our ugly sweaters!

This race wraps up my 2013 season!  Wow, what a ride it has been with lots of milestones and learning experiences.  Stay tuned for my goals for 2014!

Saturday, December 14, 2013


It has been a frigid week or two here in the northland. Last weekend my friend Jen and I were signed up to participate in the Reindeer Run 5K around Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.

We were all set to leave at 7:30 AM.  However, the race website announced that a final decision would be made at 8:00 AM as to whether the race would be held due to brutally cold temperatures and wind. Sooooooooo, the options were:

Plan A:
-Continue with our initial plan to run, head towards the cities, and hope that the race isn't cancelled since we will be at least half way there.
-Be prepared to run in -6 degree F weather with 8 mph winds, equaling a -22 degree F run and 30 min frost bite time

Plan B:
-Have a nice WARM breakfast at the local Perkins!
-Save our ugly sweaters for another run.
-Give up a race shirt.  (As if we all don't have a million already.)

We choose Plan B!  They finally announced at 8:15 AM that the race would be held (not a lot of heads up for those of us from out of town).  I really wanted to run, but figured a 5K wasn't worth the risk of potential frostbite on my exposed skin (only around my eyes as I don't have goggles) and the opportunity to freeze my A** off!

Of course we still needed a picture in our fabulous running attire!
Things may not always work out as planned, but we must make the best of them!  After all, a big breakfast at Perkins with good company, who can complain about that!?!  Here's to hoping next year the Reindeer Run will be warmer!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Wishbone 5K!

What a better way to start off Thanksgiving Day, than with the Wishbone 5K!  I didn't purposely rhyme that, but I does sound pretty good!  Maybe I should work on my iambic pentameter or a haiku next!?!

Anyways, the event drew over 3000 people and has become a tradition for many families on Thanksgiving morning.  You can't beat the $5 registration which even includes a shirt, shocker I know.  I took it pretty easy on the run, and used it as a guilt free eating excuse!  Bring on the lefse!!

The event is just another reminder to be thankful that I have the ability, health, and means to participate!