Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cycling It Is!

Here is a little update on my injury. I had the clear from my doctor to try running this past Monday and see how things felt (he thought I was improving quite well).  However, during my brief run, I was still having pain in my ankle and shin. I called it quits at one mile, as my body was obviously trying to tell me something.  Physical therapy is being worked into my schedule twice a week in order to strengthen my ankle and surrounding muscles.  Tomorrow I will meet with my doctor again to followup on my progress.

THANKFULLY, I can participate in non-weight bearing activities such as swimming and cycling. This past week cycling has been the winner with a total of 127 miles!  On Easter Sunday I rode 16 miles solo.  Earth Day brought about a 41 mile ride with my good friend Jen #1 (she continued on to complete an early season century ride).  Friday evening brought a spontaneous ride with friends, Jill and Jen #2, leading to a great new bike route.  We dubbed the ride the "Trickle Stream Trek".  Finally, on Saturday I completed my first half century ride of the season (with the same friends I suckered into riding on Friday evening).  At our halfway point we stopped and had a lovely breakfast at the Albany Resturant.  During the last half of the ride we fought some excruciating winds, almost bringing us to a standstill on the bike. And of course now matter which direction you rode, the wind was in your face!  I have to give a shout out to Jen #2 for completing her first ever half century ride. Way to go!  Your next half will be a cake walk after biking in those winds!

Celebrating Earth Day with views of the Blanchard Dam!

Post Friday evening ride selfie!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Injury Decisions

I am a week and a half into my injury and hoping the healing has begun!  I have also made some decisions regarding my marathon and upcoming multisport season. 

1.  I will not be participating in the Fargo Marathon, and more than likely there will never be a full marathon in my future.  The body mechanics of my right leg and foot are the limiting factor for me. Even with orthotics, my foot pronates and puts too much stress on my ligaments.  Therefore, my leg muscles are required to support my foot pronation over long distances and injury follows. The decision was made together with my doctor, and I have come to terms with it.  I would rather heal then push through my marathon and more than likely throw away my multisport season. 

2.  I will now be starting physical therapy twice a week to strengthen and heal the damage that has occurred in my lower leg and ankle. 

3.  I have the go ahead to participate in non-weight bearing exercises, including biking and swimming!  I am certainly happy to still be active while healing.  However, I am already missing my crossfit community at Crossfit Fast Factory. 

4.  Yesterday I rode 11 miles (my first bike ride of the year) and came across the photo above at my half way point. Yes, it was April 12th and ice fishermen were still on the lake. YIKES!  I hope the fish were biting at least. The ride felt great and I'm not having any additional pain today.  I am excited to bike and swim after three months of running.

5. Unfortunately, I am throwing away registrations to three races which I was going to use as training runs for my marathon.  However, my health and healing are way more important than the registration fees!

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Injured Reserve

Yes, you did read the blog title right, I am officially injured. My marathon which is a month away, that I have been training for the past three months, may not become a reality.  Everything seemed to be going well, and I pounded out an 18 mile training run a week and a half ago. Then injury hit.  I ran a short 6 mile run (a short run compared to my 18) and proceeded to limp on my right leg for the next two days!  Anyways, to cut to the chase, I was on the verge of a stress fracture.  My doctor is confident that I caught it in time, and I now am on 10 days of rest (I like to call it bed rest as it sure feels that way)!  I will meet with my doctor a few times over this period for therapy, to determine how I am healing, and to decide if I can continue with my marathon.

I loved keeping track of my progress on my training plan (coffee stain and all)!  I was so close!

I am definitely bummed that my marathon goal might not happen, but have also found some positives.

1.  I still ran 18 miles, the longest distance I ever have done. I give that a PR!

2.  I caught the injury fairly early, so I should be able to participate in my multisport season as planned. 

3.  My household water consumption and laundry detergent use is significantly down as I'm not washing running/exercise clothing. 

4.  I don't feel guilty for "being lazy", as it is the doctor's orders. 

5.  I have found more time in my schedule to catch up with friends and family. Normally my schedule is/was dictated by workouts and runs in order to accomplish my marathon goal!

Soooooo, only time will tell what my marathon future will hold. Right now my focus is on healing!