Sunday, April 13, 2014

Injury Decisions

I am a week and a half into my injury and hoping the healing has begun!  I have also made some decisions regarding my marathon and upcoming multisport season. 

1.  I will not be participating in the Fargo Marathon, and more than likely there will never be a full marathon in my future.  The body mechanics of my right leg and foot are the limiting factor for me. Even with orthotics, my foot pronates and puts too much stress on my ligaments.  Therefore, my leg muscles are required to support my foot pronation over long distances and injury follows. The decision was made together with my doctor, and I have come to terms with it.  I would rather heal then push through my marathon and more than likely throw away my multisport season. 

2.  I will now be starting physical therapy twice a week to strengthen and heal the damage that has occurred in my lower leg and ankle. 

3.  I have the go ahead to participate in non-weight bearing exercises, including biking and swimming!  I am certainly happy to still be active while healing.  However, I am already missing my crossfit community at Crossfit Fast Factory. 

4.  Yesterday I rode 11 miles (my first bike ride of the year) and came across the photo above at my half way point. Yes, it was April 12th and ice fishermen were still on the lake. YIKES!  I hope the fish were biting at least. The ride felt great and I'm not having any additional pain today.  I am excited to bike and swim after three months of running.

5. Unfortunately, I am throwing away registrations to three races which I was going to use as training runs for my marathon.  However, my health and healing are way more important than the registration fees!

Happy Spring!

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