Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cycling It Is!

Here is a little update on my injury. I had the clear from my doctor to try running this past Monday and see how things felt (he thought I was improving quite well).  However, during my brief run, I was still having pain in my ankle and shin. I called it quits at one mile, as my body was obviously trying to tell me something.  Physical therapy is being worked into my schedule twice a week in order to strengthen my ankle and surrounding muscles.  Tomorrow I will meet with my doctor again to followup on my progress.

THANKFULLY, I can participate in non-weight bearing activities such as swimming and cycling. This past week cycling has been the winner with a total of 127 miles!  On Easter Sunday I rode 16 miles solo.  Earth Day brought about a 41 mile ride with my good friend Jen #1 (she continued on to complete an early season century ride).  Friday evening brought a spontaneous ride with friends, Jill and Jen #2, leading to a great new bike route.  We dubbed the ride the "Trickle Stream Trek".  Finally, on Saturday I completed my first half century ride of the season (with the same friends I suckered into riding on Friday evening).  At our halfway point we stopped and had a lovely breakfast at the Albany Resturant.  During the last half of the ride we fought some excruciating winds, almost bringing us to a standstill on the bike. And of course now matter which direction you rode, the wind was in your face!  I have to give a shout out to Jen #2 for completing her first ever half century ride. Way to go!  Your next half will be a cake walk after biking in those winds!

Celebrating Earth Day with views of the Blanchard Dam!

Post Friday evening ride selfie!

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