Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hola From Mexico & Marathon Training Progress

Staring this week, I am entering week six of my marathon training plan. I am proud to say I am staying on track with my mileage and runs thus far!  Yesterday, I completed a 10-miler indoors on the treadmill, ish due to the cold and crappy running conditions outdoors. I felt pretty good, besides the fact that I developed a blister on my inside arch of my right foot by mile 6. I guess it's time to check in with my podiatrist for another orthotic adjustment!

In warmer news, I traveled to the Mexican Maya Riviera over the past weekend and pounded out a couple runs on the beach there.  The first morning, I went approximately 3 miles down the beach to a beautiful blue lagoon area. The second morning, I joined a fellow runner in our travel group, Ken, for a 6 mile run. The third and fourth mornings, I enjoyed basking in the sun and warmth, with a drink in hand. I only ended up two miles short during my crazy week of packing and traveling, which I thought was acceptable.

On Sunday morning, we took a trip into Playa Del Carmen and there was a color run that had just finished up there.  I looked for local races before leaving the states and couldn't find any.  Maybe next time!  Check out this video of the race:

 Here are some pictures to warm all my northern followers and myself up!  Enjoy!

Ready for a morning run!!

The Blue Lagoon

It is about 3 miles to the point from here, which we ran beyond the second morning.

Rest and Relaxation!

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