Monday, November 25, 2013

Jingle Bell 5K Run

With jingle bells attached to shoes, many runners and walkers participated in this 5K on a brisk, windy 10 degree Minnesota morning.  I have to say the cold was a little shock to the system as my previous outdoor run was three days prior in 45 degree weather.  That being said, I was very pleased with my race. I came in at 26:25 which was just 23 seconds behind my PR.

Post Race...Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

The coolest part of the event was an 89 year old woman who was doing her first 5K. She walked the whole course with a walker and her family and/or friend support system. They held up signs telling fellow participants that she has had two hip replacements and a knee replacement just two weeks ago. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  She finished quite a significant time after the last runner.  However, while we were all warming up inside, the announcement came that she was coming to the finish. Of course the whole building cleared out to head to the finish line and cheer her on!  I love the support system in the running (triathlon and crossfit) world!!

The quirkiest part of the event was the race result posting. See photo below!

I decided instructions were in order to read these results!  :)

1.  Locate your name
2.  Determine your location on the color wheel (eg: yellow, green, blue, orange, etc.)
3.  The color is your age group
4.  Identify the geometric representation of your gender (circle=female, square=male)
5.  To determine your age group standing, count all the similar symbols (the yellow circle for me)

Obviously this was a very technical timing system!  ;)

Also to participate in the event a toy donation was made to Toys For Tots. The toy bins were overflowing!

Stay tuned for reports on a handful of 5Ks before I start training for my first full marathon!!

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