Monday, October 7, 2013

Burning Up The Trails!

What would this past weekend be without another race of some sort!?!  "Definitely not complete" is the answer that comes to mind. I promise my race season will slow down soon at least I won't have an event of some sort every weekend.  On the docket this past Saturday was the Timberdash 5K Trail Run at Lake Maria State Park. And yes, I do love the great state parks of Minnesota!

The event was my first competitive trail run. That being said, I can probably count the number of "trail runs" I have done on one hand. I thought the event would be a great way to get a taste of trail running and support a wonderful cause. The proceeds of the event benefit the Crisis Nursery of Wright County. It was amazing that there WERE proceeds to donate as participants received an awesome technical shirt, medals, and one of the better post race refreshments for a 5K race I have seen!  And get this...registration was only $25!  Oh yes, don't let me forget, one additional perk is a day pass to the state park!  Can it get any better?

Due to the recent rain we have had in the area, I was a little concerned about the trail conditions. However, the trail was pretty amazing considering. Of course we runners needed to be careful for the occasional rocks, roots, and slippery leaves. I only ran into one spot that was muddy, but it was easily traversed.  The course was challenging with hills a plenty. Initially we had some wonderful downhills.  They were wonderful until I realized we would have to climb those same hills to the finish. Uff da!!  Spoken like a true Norwegian!

I finished the course in 34:02 and ended up 24th out of 166 females.  The top female time was 27 minutes with some odd change. Not to shabby for a girl who rarely does trails and doesn't do a significant amount of hill training!

The Timberdash was also the first race 13-year old Emma had ever participated in, and she rocked it.  Emma is the daughter of my friend Paula!  Paula also rocked it!  I love seeing children of all ages introduced to events such as these!  It allows them to see the importance of wellness and fun of physical activity. 

A taste of the fall colors by the registration booth. 

Gotta love a fire pre and post race!
Finishers!!  Paula, Emma, and I!

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