Saturday, December 14, 2013


It has been a frigid week or two here in the northland. Last weekend my friend Jen and I were signed up to participate in the Reindeer Run 5K around Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.

We were all set to leave at 7:30 AM.  However, the race website announced that a final decision would be made at 8:00 AM as to whether the race would be held due to brutally cold temperatures and wind. Sooooooooo, the options were:

Plan A:
-Continue with our initial plan to run, head towards the cities, and hope that the race isn't cancelled since we will be at least half way there.
-Be prepared to run in -6 degree F weather with 8 mph winds, equaling a -22 degree F run and 30 min frost bite time

Plan B:
-Have a nice WARM breakfast at the local Perkins!
-Save our ugly sweaters for another run.
-Give up a race shirt.  (As if we all don't have a million already.)

We choose Plan B!  They finally announced at 8:15 AM that the race would be held (not a lot of heads up for those of us from out of town).  I really wanted to run, but figured a 5K wasn't worth the risk of potential frostbite on my exposed skin (only around my eyes as I don't have goggles) and the opportunity to freeze my A** off!

Of course we still needed a picture in our fabulous running attire!
Things may not always work out as planned, but we must make the best of them!  After all, a big breakfast at Perkins with good company, who can complain about that!?!  Here's to hoping next year the Reindeer Run will be warmer!!

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